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New media reporting, 'booing and radio tweets

Jamillah Knowles | 22:41 UK time, Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The podcast is up and running for your listening pleasure.
If we mentioned a place that you would like to visit online, or you didn't catch a URL, you can find all the links right here:

  • This week we return to the G20 to take a look at the outside where protesters demonstrated in the financial district of London.
  • G20Sheena Rossiter and Alex Wood reported back, using new media tools as well as traditional means. They told me how it worked.
  • BooA new kid on the social media block arrived in the middle of the demonstrations. Mark Rock created Audioboo and told me how it was put to the test barely weeks after its official launch.
  • chrisvallanceChis Vallance escaped the confines of our wired up dungeon but was safely returned after finding a curious radio version of Twitter.

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