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South Ossetia in social media

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Chris Vallance | 01:10 UK time, Saturday, 9 August 2008

Solana Larsen of Global Voices emails to highlight their extensive coverage of the conflict in South Ossetia. If you are looking for background there's a good roundup at American Footprints

There's clearly a lot of discussion of the issue taking place online in languages other than English. Relying on robotic translation is always dangerous, but Google translate throws up some interesting results. Would be good to have a human linguist explore them further (note in comments anyone?)

If you've seen other blog coverage of events please do leave a note in comments or email and I'll forward it to the Up All Night team

UPDATE: Extensive coverage over at Civil.ge. Civil Georgia is a daily news online service devoted to delivering quality news and analysis about Georgia. Civil.Ge is run by The UN Association of Georgia, a Georgian non-governmental organization, in frames of 'National Integration and Tolerance in Georgia' Program financed by USAID.

UPDATE II This post on Wired's Danger Room is provoking significant reaction (not all positive)

UPDATE III The Frontline Club blog has some helpful suggestions in this regard - though it's worth noting there are more languages than just Russian involved here.


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