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South Ossetia Feeds Translated

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Chris Vallance | 12:45 UK time, Monday, 11 August 2008

Following Graham's post about translating RSS feeds, I've put a few searches of key terms Graham identified through the Social Media News Tacker I built in Pipes and fed the resulting feeds into Moolvi's tanslation system. A reminder that the BBC isn't responsible for the content of external sites (particularly random forum and livejournal postings). Click at your own risk.

The searches thow up some interesting, if very much unverified results.

There's further information about the cyberconflict running parallel to the actual conflict, at Computer World. In that article a security expert wisely points out, "Use caution with any Web sites that appear of a Georgia official source but are without any recent news [such as those dated Saturday, Aug. 9, or Sunday, Aug. 10], as these may be fraudulent"


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