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Helps us Cover The Food Price Crisis

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Chris Vallance | 15:55 UK time, Thursday, 8 May 2008

We covered the Food Price Crisis briefly on the last Pods and Blogs and I'm continuing to look at it for Pods and Blogs and iPM. It seems to me there is very comprehensive coverage online that we should be drawing on.

The post below is cross-posted from iPM, but suggestions ideas etc that we get will serve both programmes.


This video of Zainab Bangura, Sierra Leone's foreign minister from Avaaz.org, eloquently looks at the problems rising food prices are causing around the world.

Websites like Global Voices are doing an excellent job of reporting the effect the rise in prices is having around the globe. From riots in Somalia and Egypt, to people resorting to eating mud in Haiti.

Here in the UK, food prices are rising and we know it's concerning many of you.

We're trying to harness the web in the reporting of food prices. If you've a personal experience, or have found some interesting commentary online, please leave a note in comments.

I've put together a small aggregation of relevant content on this Netvibes page. If you are a blogger with something to say on the issue, tag your post or youtube video foodprices08 and it will appear there too. It will also pick up Twitter posts with foodprices08 in the text.

Below is a map of some of the coverage from Global Voices, popular blogs and from the media. If there are elements you think I should add to the map (which is based on Yahoo Pipes) please let me know. (It's a little cranky as an embed so you may want the direct link here)

UPDATE: We featured a montage of blogger created pieces on the food crisis on the podcast. Thanks to: Georgia Popplewell and Janine Mendes-Franco, Last of Iraqis, Eduardo Avila, Mong Palatino who appeared in the podcast and thanks also to Hanako Tokita and Scott Bonnell for helping with the broadcast.


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