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After Our Time: Radio Extended

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Chris Vallance | 15:12 UK time, Tuesday, 27 November 2007

afterourtime.jpgI'm very excited about After Our Time, a truly excellent fan blog for Radio 4's In Our Time. It's great to see a conversation started by a really good radio programme continued online. You can almost detect an element of convergent evolution in its similarity with WHYS's off bbc.co.uk offering

After Our Time is in the tradition of Speechification the group blog which fillets the best of Radio 4 and offers it repackaged with commentary in podcast form. If, like me, you long for your radio reviews to come with audio attached - Speechification is a blessing.

Speechification is in many ways a hand crafted version for talk radio of the excellent Now Playing mash-up profiled on Backstage (a graduate of Hackday). Now why not do that with speech and news? Prototypes like this from Kent Brewster show the rich content that can be pulled in from news - and hence talk radio - text.

It's the kind of development the folks at the new BBC Radio Labs blog will doubtless be pondering. As a broadcaster I'd like to see us making it easier for people to remix our content in inventive ways that enhance what we do, "in house". Lets help out our fans. Associating feeds and tags with our content is surely now more important than giving out the frequency or the station ident. It also acknowledges the truth that we are no longer working in a linear medium.

So in that spirit what should we do to make Pods and Blogs content more accessible online? I'm conscious that the 7-day podcast limit is an irritation. Leaving that to one side (as unfortunately we must) what could we do. How should we increase the tag-ability and searchability of what we produce?

UPDATE: Over on Cybersoc Robin Hamman points back to a post on City Of Sound which, makes a similar point to the above rather better, though at rather greater length. That post btw was written in 2004. I'd only add that in the meantime I've think we've learned that as well as "ripples" we also get echoes - issues, ideas, comments inspired by our content that suggest new programming opportunities.


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