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Chris Vallance | 15:29 UK time, Thursday, 18 October 2007

Chrissketch.jpgJust wanted to drop a note about a new blog/radio programme I'm working on. iPM (which I've mentioned before) on Radio 4: there's a description of the programme here. It will be a bit like Pods and Blogs in that we'll try hard to reflect some of the radio friendly conversations taking place on the blogosphere, but there's also a very big audience interaction element - which because of the late hour we're on is sometimes hard to do on Pods and Blogs.

We're still very much in beta, so lots of aspects of the iPM blog are still up for grabs. If you'd like to help shape the way we work, take a look and drop me an email (ipm - at - bbc.co.uk) or leave a note in the comments on that blog.

Of course you may think all this "i" stuff is wearing a bit thin - in which case you wouldn't be alone (the article isn't entirely serious btw!) As for the little image - mrs V has been deploying her considerable artistic skills again - more of them here.


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