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Noah Schactman's Reports from Iraq

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Chris Vallance | 13:51 UK time, Saturday, 1 September 2007

Noah Schactman is in Iraq writing for Wired's Danger Room blog. His latest report is on the biometric security checks employed in Fallujah:

The idea: deny insurgents “freedom of movement,” says Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Smitherman, who heads the biometric badging program for Multi-National Forces-West, here in Al-Anbar province. “Like Mao said, insurgents are like fish swimming in the sea of the people.” These are the high-tech nets, “to keep ‘em from swimming freely.”

His embed is a compelling read, check it out..

UPDATE: Graham at Noodlepie also mentions Vaughan Smith of the Frontline Club's embed in Afghanistan. I've just spoken with Vaughan about the embed and his decision to blog, vlog and twitter. His YouTube videos highlight the intensity of fighting in the region. Visit the blog for some excellent coverage of the conflict. I post one of his YouTube videos below, which illustrates one of the logistical snafu's that make a soldier's life that bit harder. And if you think chocolate is the least of soldier's worries - remember it represents valuable calories that are, as Vaughan observes, part of a soldiers calculated intake.


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