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Terrible prizes for Unlikely Blogs

Chris Vallance | 15:09 UK time, Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Inspired by this wonderful blog about peas and another fun blog about baskets I'm opening the unofficial Pods and Blogs UnPrize for the Leastly Likely Undertaking in Business Blogging. Rules are simple, must be a business blog and it must be unlikely. The judges decision is absolutely final, unless we decide to hold a vote, in which case the results may well be rigged anyway. You can call a premium rate phone-line if you wish for you own amusement.

In nominating a blog for the Least Likely Business Blog UnPrize please avoid making value judgements about whether it is a good or bad blog, we are after unlikeliness that is all. As far as we are concerned everyone is welcome at the blogging table we mean only to celebrate diversity.

The prize for the winning suggestion will be a copy of a signed CD from Jim Nader host of NPR's Annoying Music Show. We are not responsible for injuries sustained as a result of listening to the prize.

You may enter the competition by leaving a comment, emailing us a podsandblogs@bbc.co.uk or sending a direct tweet


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