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Pricey Pods

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Chris Vallance | 14:06 UK time, Wednesday, 23 May 2007

This post is a little old. It got stuck in limbo as our blog servers ground to a halt.The Times reports that top civil servants have been using iPods to watch instructional videos on leadership. The snag is that, the paper reports, the 20 iPods cost £8,800. The paper does report that this includes a service agreement which doubtless explains the difference between this figure and the cost of a brand new pod £190(ish) online. However, it looks like good value compared to the alternative, as the paper reports:

A Home Office official said that providing iPods to top staff was a much more economical means of providing leadership skills than sending staff on management courses which can cost £1,000 a day.

On an entirely unrelated note (except for the fact that it reminds us to treat what we read with a pinch of salt) Tim Worstall dismantles newpaper outrage at the blog of a senior civil servant. Well worth a read.


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