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Political Searches Revealed

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Chris Vallance | 21:12 UK time, Thursday, 24 May 2007

Heather Hopkins has looked at what people write when they search online and include the words "tony blair", "gordon brown" or "david cameron"

The results may not be welcomed by the politicians themselves. There seem to be a lot of people searching for "Why the Public Don't Like Gordon Brown" - it's the fourth most searched for term. David Cameron doesn't fair much better the fourth most searched for term for him is, "David Cameron cloney blair" (oddly Tony Blair's 9th most searched for term is David Blair Tony Cameron).

Of the Tony Blair facts people look for his age and children feature. When the Australian branch of Hitwise took a look at the two Prime Ministerial candidates among the questions people were asking on-line were "How tall is John Howard?", "John Howard Heigh"..and well they might ask even wikipedia doesn't have the answer though this thread helpfully observes that, "John Howard is taller than Ronnie Corbet and shorter than Malcolm Frazier."

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