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Electronic Voting Under the Microscope

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Chris Vallance | 13:26 UK time, Friday, 4 May 2007

There have been reports of electronic voting problems in the election. It will be interesting to see what the Open Rights Group observers lead by Jason Kitcat have to report on the issue.

UPDATE: Jason was on Five Live Drive, with an excellent round-up of what they had observed. (you can hear the interview by visiting the link to Friday- it was about 1hr 20mins in)

Jason's appearance also prompted some lighthearted texts relating to his last name of which the pick of the crop must be "Was Jason sticking two fingers up at the e-voting system". Interestingly both Jasons name and the chocolate bar share a common debt to the 18th Century political and literary institution the Kit-cat Club

UPDATE II Dr Vee rightly points out that the report I'd linked to isn't quite right about the problems in Scotland so I've removed that link, there's more info here

I'll be periodically checking the blogs to see what people are saying, but feel free to add links and/or your own experiences in the comments.


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