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Can you make a living from blogging?

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Chris Vallance | 12:48 UK time, Wednesday, 14 March 2007

On the last segment we looked at the issue of whether or not you can make a living from blogging. Sam Sethi, Mick Fealty, Craig McGinty and Russell Davies all took part. You can now listen to the audio of that broadcast on a permanent link here

Russell spoke in a dual capacity as an advertising industry person and a blogger. The picture that emerged..at least from my own personal perspective, is that advertisers are struggling to understand the blogosphere. The lack of an agreed way of measuring blog audiences is an issue, but if you can measure the evanescant transmissions of radio, surely measuring the popularity of blogs isn't impossible.

Of course as Mick said the big draw of blogs is that they can "fish where there fish are" but from an advertisers perspective that's harder to quantify. MessageSpace, which Mick is part of, are having success with marketing mainly political blogs to advertisers. Because advertising is thin many bloggers still rely upon t-shirt sales, book deals, writing deals, and journalism as important sources of income.

I hope this interview is just the start of a dialogue about making a living from blogs. I know there are many more views and experiences out there than our sampling. I'd love the comments on this post to continue the conversation.


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