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Bloggers Embedded in Iraq

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Chris Vallance | 19:14 UK time, Thursday, 11 January 2007

With all the announcements about Iraq it's worth mentioning three bloggers who are or have recently been embedded with US forces in Iraq: INDCJournal, Michelle Malkin, and Bill Roggio. Like most bloggers they don't hide their political opinions, but that certainly doesn't prevent them writing illuminating posts, like this one from INDCJournal Here's a quote from his interview with a civil servant in Fallujah about how, he believes, the insurgency recruits:

They have some ideology from some of the American prisons, the one in Buca and south, in those two prisons there were extremist religious insurgents. The Americans took those people and put them in the prison too and they (the radicals) worked on the other prisoners, teaching them and feeding them that ideology of fighting and to think that everyone else is a sinner and that they should be killed.

Of course, Iraqi bloggers are permanently embedded so to speak, though increasingly I'm finding bloggers that used to live in Iraq have now moved to Jordan or the US. There's a comprehensive list of Iraqi bloggers at Iraq blog count Also worth mentioning while I'm writing about Iraq is Eason Jordan's new site Iraq Slogger


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