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Visiting 18 Doughty Street

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Chris Vallance | 18:59 UK time, Thursday, 19 October 2006

Stephentall.jpg Next week's Pods and Blogs will feature a report from 18 Doughty Street the new web-based television station which launched about a week ago. But if you can't wait, you can see yours truly make a complete fool of himself in this video here (shot I might add on a perfectly ordinary digital camera)

To its critics 18 Doughty St is Tory TV, to its supporters it's a refreshing alternative to mainstream media political coverage and to others it's, well, a bit of both. Last Monday I visited Iain Dale's politics programme. The guests were Stephen Tall (see picture), Recess Monkey and Dizzythinks. A certain Mr Guy Fawkes was lurking in the background though I didn't see any evidence of the large sack of cash he apparently carries around with him

18 Doughty St is a bit like Number 73 for political junkies except that it actually is located at 18 Doughty St, a mere stone's throw from one of London's finest, the Duke of York pub. The studio rather proves Jeff Jarvis' point that you don't need dozens of people to make good TV. A well behaved dog sits infront of the production cubicle, while the tatooed floor-manager marshalls Iain and guests. Production gallery, sofa's, set and camera's all fit into a large living room sized space.

It was a short trip to Doughty St, slotted in between the end of a production shift on Five Live Drive and hashing together the segment but it was, to use a daft sounding word, stimulating. If they can steer clear of becoming a talking shop for people with a common ideology and atune themselves to the voices of ordinary people, they should do very well indeed.


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