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Help BBC Radio Five Live cover the US Elections

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Chris Vallance | 23:30 UK time, Sunday, 22 October 2006

midtermssam.gifIt's not long till the US mid-term elections and we'd like your help telling the story. We'll be visiting Connecticut and Pennsylvania and on election night (Nov 7th) in Washington DC - but we can't be everywhere and there many fascinating races we'd like to cover. So we'd like your help in reporting the election - polls and the results on the night of the race will only give us half the story. We'd like to know what it looks like from the ground.

We're not limiting this to people in the US although that will be our primary focus. If you'd like to be a Five Live "Citizen Reporter" during the election drop a note to upallnight@bbc.co.uk. The kind of things we're looking for are:

  • Personal views of the race from people with an interesting perspective (perhaps you are a recent immigrant or an Iraq vet for example)
  • Bloggers, podcasters and vloggers who are covering their local race.
  • Anyone with a real interest in local politics and an ability to tell the story of the race in their town and state.
  • People from overseas with a real stake in the result.

If you think you could give an interesting perspective on the election to a national UK audience then drop us a note. There are lots of different ways you can contribute here are some suggestions:

  • Phone or skype interviews
  • Emailing us an audio report
  • Emailing a short written report that we can read on air
  • Pointing us to a blog, podcast or vlog you've made covering the election.
  • Point us to a story you think we should be covering

Our hope is that by enlisting your help we'll have coverage that isn't just about pundits and experts but gives us a real flavour of what the race is like for ordinary Americans that cuts through some of the stereotypes about politics in the US.
UPDATE: World Have Your Say will also be in the US. I'm sure we'll be sharing guests and programme ideas. You can read about their plans here
UPDATE: Comments have been a bit slow updating on the blog..apologies for that.
UPDATE: We now have a Frappr map. If you like add a pin and tell us a bit about the race where you are.
UPDATE: You can see Howard and Rhod's video's from the trip here. Think Primary Colors meets Thelma and Louise meets Strangers on a Train
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