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WIPO raises podcast concerns

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Chris Vallance | 17:50 UK time, Friday, 15 September 2006

We've covered the concerns some indie podcasters have about the World Intellectual Property Organisation's proposed Broadcast Treaty. When treaties such as this are negotiated it's common for governments, ngo's, businesses and other groups to lobby hard for their interests, which can leave the little guy(such as the indie podcaster) a small voice in the crowd.

Now, for the first time, different podcasting organisations have come together to lobby for changes to the treaty. Dean Whitbread of the UK Podcasters Association sent us this personal view of why they have taken this unprecedented step. As ever with guest blog posts his views don't represent those of the BBC:

Geneva, September 11th - 13th: Gwen Hinze from Elelctronic Freedom Foundation presented a joint statement from podcasters from around the world to the World Intellectual Property Organisation. This piece of internet history was an attempt to make sure that the development of the Broadcast Treaty into internet broadcast/netcast/webcast does not wipe out grassroots podcasting. UKPA (UK Podcasters Association) has been working for months with the Irish PodRepBod, the German Podcastverband, the Open Rights Group in the UK and the EFF in the US to resist aspects of the Broadcast Treaty, which many podcasters, podcast users and a growing number of politicians feel are inimical to the healthy development of grassroots new media culture. The issues are about copyright, and the ongoing ownership of content. Many podcasters fear that the Treaty is giving broadcasters the upper hand when it comes to rights. The campaign has unified podcasters globally, particularly in the UK, Eire, Germany, and the US, in a common cause, to influence the outcome of this looming - and binding - international legislation.

I know Dean would want me to point out that this is very brief (and additionally subbed by me) summary of the issues. There's more on the issue at this blog For more on WIPO itself you can visit their site Obviously broadcasters and other organisations have a different view of the issue from the various grassroots podcasting organisations. A blog is meant to be an ongoing and we'd welcome your comments on this issue.
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