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Show Notes: Jabberwhacky, Poetry and NetAudio

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Chris Vallance | 03:32 UK time, Tuesday, 19 September 2006

As ever you can listen to an archive of the show online.

  • We began with a look at the political blogs. The Lib Dems blogger of the year, the Official Labour Conference blogger and Iain Dales list of the top political blogs. Iain's list has created a lot of buzz on the blogs it was even linked to by US uber blog the Daily Kos..to which Guy Fawkes response is both typically despicable and very, very funny in a non-PC sort of a way. Anyway I digress the point of all the above was that my local blogger Injured Cyclist made it into the top 100 non-aligned bloggers. I'd like to have more non-aligned bloggers on during each conference. If you know a good one leave a comment here or email podsandblogs@bbc.co.uk we may even ask you to interview them for us if you are willing and they live near to you.
  • Our first ever computer generated guest George, creation of Rollo Carpenter who had just scooped a major prize. And our scoop was that George like A.I's may soon be making an appearance in Second Life. It will be interesting to see how their linguistic skills change once they have a world to interact with.
  • A report from the NetAudio06 event with Marcus, Martin and Matt
  • Four poets from the Association for Poetry Podcasting told us why they weren't the new rock and roll though they may be the new MySpace
  • And non linear story telling with one of the creators of the Sonic Memorial Project

Lastly Robin Hamman is going to be talking to Howard Rheingold on Friday. He'd like your questions for the interview. Leave a note in the comments or email podsandblogs@bbc.co.uk.
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