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Reuters withdraws image following blog storm.

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Chris Vallance | 11:11 UK time, Monday, 7 August 2006

Reuters is in the middle of a "blog storm" over allegations that one of it's photos of bomb damage in Beruit had been doctored. It has now withdrawn the image, Ynet news reports and issued an apology. Robin Hamman has more on his blog he also rightly reminds me that we've had our own photo scandals here in the UK.

I'm not keen on the blogs vs mainstream media analysis; my experience has been that there's plenty of scope for effective "collaborative" journalism. But this latest incident is sure to revive the debate about that relationship. It's a theme of Nicholas Lehmann's piece in the New Yorker. Part of the last paragraph in particular could almost have been written in reference to the latest row:

Journalism is not in a period of maximal self-confidence right now, and the Internet’s cheerleaders are practically laboratory specimens of maximal self-confidence. They have got the rhetorical upper hand; traditional journalists answering their challenges often sound either clueless or cowed and apologetic.

What do you think?


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