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Outlook and P&B want your pods

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Chris Vallance | 11:56 UK time, Wednesday, 9 August 2006

We're teaming up with the World Service's Outlook programme in a plea for more podcast suggestions that we might feature on both our programmes. We were very pleased to feature Shrinkrapradio on Tuesday on Pods and Blogs and we'd like more of the same. Drop us an email to upallnight@bbc.co.uk if you produce or listen to a podcast you think we should feature (or better still share the love and leave a comment) and we'll have a listen.

If you don't regularly listen to podcasts you really should give it a try. Most people find them via itunes but of course that requires downloading the itunes software which can be hard to do at work. So for some sneaky desktop pod listening for starters you could try browsing Odeo.com, Podshow.com and for local casts Britcaster.co.uk You can also search the content of podcasts for specific words and phrases thanks to new services that "listen" to the audio. Try podscope.com and podzinger.com

UPDATE: Rebecca Myatt Outlooks Interactive producer writes more about what they are doing (see overleaf):

"If you haven't already heard it, Outlook is the flagship magazine programme on the BBC World Service. We have the luxury of 163 million listeners around the world, our programmes are really varied and can only be described in very broad terms as the stories of ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things. We like to hear our listeners on air and we're now inviting them to send us their own recorded material. We've already heard from dentist Bashar Nori in Iraq about the daily dangers of commonplace tasks like filling his car with petrol, Inga Bjargmundsdottir from Iceland who wants to save the last remaining herd of reindeer there and coming up next week is Albert Sachs from Chile. He is a retired car mechanic who is sick of what he says is the "very bad quality of drivers." These listeners all compile their own reports for the programme and we want more. Anyone who would like to send us their podcasts, please do so to outlook@bbc.co.uk"


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