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It's Sunday so...

Chris Vallance | 19:35 UK time, Sunday, 6 August 2006

Sunday is traditionally the day for political programmes. Not wanting to be left out we asked The BBC's Alan Connor to send us this handy guide to the thriving world of the British Political blogosphere (more on this Monday we hope). The list below is a precis of the very comprehensive list at Alan's televisual home The Daily Politics. I should add that Guido, Recess and Iain all podcast, and good listens they are too. Finally I'll mention, in passing, that we once interviewed Guido who was rather pleased with his Television Centre pass made out in his blog name of "Guy Fawkes". Anyway, back to Alan:

"If you want to follow political stories on the blogs, the best thing to do is to look across a good range. Many of them link to each other, and it takes a moment to work out your favourites - do remember to bookmark
(or better still tm">syndicate) them, or you'll forget where to go!

To see what the politically-minded are thinking, the unofficial blogs are always better than the party sites: try ConservativeHome, LibDem Blogs or LabourHome.
We'll begin with a handful of very popular blogs that mine a rich vein of insider gossip. The BBC disclaimer about not being responsible for external websites applies double to Guido Fawkes, Recess Monkey and Iain Dale's Diary.
For more discursive commentary start at Post Political Times, political betting,Make My Vote Count or Tim Worstall.
And if you want a sideways, satirical take on things, there are some wonderful manipulated images at Beau Bo D'Or and Eclectech.
If you find any new blogs which you think we should know about, do letus know - there are 50 million of the blighters, so we can't keep on top of them all!


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