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Girl With a One Track Mind

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Chris Vallance | 20:54 UK time, Sunday, 6 August 2006

Blogs are getting turned into books, there's even a literary prize, the Lulu-Blooker. We've spoken to the judges and to some of the finalists (you can hear our interview with blooker nominated Russell Davies). But it's the x-rated blogs, often written anonymously, that have really caught the publishers eye. The latest bonk-blook-blockbuster is Girl With a One Track Mind*. The author wished to remain anonymous, not suprising given the content of her blog-book, but she's been outed by a The Sunday Times. The Guardian's Bobbie Johnson has a good post on the subject on his blog, his question: why if you are embarassed about your sexual exploits, blog about them at all?

It's an interesting question: why do people post very personal information on-line. I worry about flikr sets, but people seem happy to put their whole lives in the public domain. At least one person I know has their best man's speech up on the net complete with all sorts of icky stories. Seems to me the whole private-life in the public space is a good subject for a radio segment. Suggestions on who we should talk to and how we should approach it welcome.

* linking to the blog would sadly break at least two BBC editorial policy rules


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