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Meet the Bloggers

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Chris Vallance | 14:19 UK time, Monday, 28 August 2006

Mark Savage has been taking a look at the people behind the blogs for a new documentary series on Radio 4. I interviewed him for pods and blogs and his affection for his subjects really shines though. We've spoken to some of the featured bloggers before on pods and blogs of course, but what makes this series different is that he focuses on their personal stories - he told me his approach was to turn up on the doorstep with the tape rolling. Here' Mark's own account of what he tried to achieve:

My mission (which I decided to accept) was to find out about some of the more successful bloggers on the Internet. Were they sad geeks sitting at their computer monitors all day in their underpants? Thankfully not. They turned out to be some of the most articulate, thoughtful and creative people I have met. Some, I think it is fair to say, were definitely bordering on the obsessive, but that is maybe what you have to be in order to keep a blog going day in, day out for months or years on end. I travelled extensively in America from New England to the Mid West and then from Seattle down the West Coast to Los Angeles as well as to Paris and Brussels - not forgetting our own back yard here in London. This was not something that could not be done online. Meeting them face to face, I wondered how their blogs related to their daily lives, what effect they have had on the world around them in cyberspace and in reality. Their answers nearly always surprised me.

Meet the Bloggers, Radio 4, Tuesdays 0930 August 29th – September 26th September

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