I got involved with BBC Outreach on the Talent Ticket roadshow but this week went with them on a tour swap to visit Headway, a charity working with people affected by brain injuries, based at Frenchay Hospital.

Headway came round BBC Bristol to have a tour a few months ago, and we returned to meet them in their day centre with some BBC staff. We did a creative media workshop with them similar to school workshops BBC Outreach has recently run in 11 Bristol schools.

People at Headway were there for all sorts of reasons, some had had a stroke, another had fallen off a ladder, and another had a brain injury as a result of a bike accident. I found that really shocking as I cycle around Bristol all the time, I will definitely always wear my helmet now.

The clients at Headway really appreciated coming to the BBC, reading the news and having a go presenting the weather. I think when we came back to them it made them feel like it was they were valued and had something to offer us too. It was really interesting to meet people who I wouldn’t usually meet and find out people’s stories and gain an insight into their lives.

At the moment I’m finishing my degree at the University of the West of England in Media Production. Getting involved with BBC Outreach has given me great experience and projects like Headway have given me ideas for documentaries I would like to make in the future.

*Mark was able to volunteer with BBC Outreach through an ongoing relationship with the University of West England, which has developed as part of the City Anchor Partnership Memorandum of Understanding.The BBC and UWE work together on a number of projects including an MA in Wildlife film making and the flagship Talent Ticket programme offering accredited learning and work experience to Bristol school pupils.


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