A model volunteer

Production Management Assistant

I am a Production Management Assistant at BBC Bristol, in the Natural History Unit. I decndided to volunteer with BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility as I am quite new to the BBC a I decided it would be good to get involved in other projects aside from the programme I work on.

A handful of us went to Bridge Learning Campus to attend an animation workshop with Primary School children. We demonstrated to the pupils how to make plasticine dinosaurs and then helped them develop a story, which they later used to make a short animation using ‘istop motion’ on the iPad.

Model dinosaurs created by school children with volunteers from BBC Bristol

It was a great opportunity for myself, as a new starter to the BBC, to broaden horizons and also meet other BBC colleagues. What people don’t realise is, when you volunteer with BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility, you aren’t giving up much time so it doesn’t get in the way of anything else on your schedule. It is also important to get involved with other projects at the BBC, and understand what else the BBC provides.

It was great to see how excited the children got when they received a visit from the BBC, and the fact that they were able to get involved with something hands on. I know if I were at school, I would remember an exciting day such as this one, which varies from the every day routine.

As much as it was an afternoon away from our computers, it was also an afternoon away from the pupils usual activities too. I found it very rewarding to see how volunteering can make a difference to someone else.

Model dinosaurs created by school children with volunteers from BBC Bristol

*BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility links the BBC to our audiences, particularly those considered herder-to-reach via traditional broadcasting.  Volunteering is one of the ways we do this, bringing staff from across the organisation face-to-face with our audiences of a variety of projects. 


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