After a year of experience and education, my apprenticeship came to a conclusion in May 2014.

The Graduation was a night of celebration, as all the apprentices had worked very hard over the past year to complete all their exams, units and college courses.

Food was served, which is always a good start, then came the presentations.

Each apprentice had the opportunity to say a few words or show a video clip about their year as an apprentice- I chose to put together a video clip of all the things I got up to in my year. Then we were all presented with a certificate from David Sproxton, co-founder of Aardman Animations.

As well as the apprentices speaking on their experiences and ambitions for future employment, we also had a chance to hear what it was like for their employers. Many were new to the Apprenticeship scheme, just as many of the apprentices were, so it was a process of growth not only for the students/apprentices but for everyone. If I recall correctly, all the employers would want to keep on having apprentices as a continual part of their workforce! A lot of the apprentices were kept on or have found work elsewhere in the creative industry - for myself, I was kept on and am now working full time as a Production Management Assistant at BBC Bristol for a new BBC One daytime program.

From the apprenticeship to the graduation and now to full time employment, it has been a very successful experience, it has had it challenges but I would recommend this not only to those wanting to work in the Creative Industries but to employers as well. It is a very rewarding opportunity for all.

*Miraca first joined the BBC through the Face2Face scheme from BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility in Bristol, which offers young people in the city a chance to experience working in the BBC. Many trainees from the scheme go on to further training or employment with us, like Miraca, who went on to complete an apprenticeship scheme with us.

BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility connects the BBC with audiences often considered hard to reach by creating new opportunities for staff to meet diverse audiences and better understand their needs.


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