Anthem Adventure

Production Management Assistant

I recently spent a day volunteering with BBC Outreach where I was involved with helping on a music video shoot with a Bristol based band called ‘Laid Blak’. The song was put together to celebration this year’s St Paul’s carnival, the song talks about different cultures coming together and having a good time.

This was a great event to be a part of, it was full of fun activities such a mural painting, face painting for the children, and plenty of group dances that were filmed for the music video. I was left in charge of getting a group of local elderlies to location as they were required to be a part of the video, I also helped with supplying the free food/treats and even got the opportunity to film parts of the video myself!

I gained a lot from the experience; it was amazing to be able to see how shooting a music video actually worked as I had always been interested in this. It helped to broaden my knowledge on how to use camera’s professionally and helped me to understand how a shoot such as this is put together. It was also great to be a part of the local community gathering and to help make sure that everyone felt happy and welcomed.

*BBC Outreach works with communities and provides volunteering opportunities for BBC employees. In Bristol, views and memories were gathered from local community groups to create an Anthem for St. Pauls. A video for the anthem was made during a community picnic at St Pauls Adventure Playground. Everyone who attended had the chance to have their face and memories recorded on a living mural, and will also appear in the video which will be shown on a big screen at the St. Paul’s Carnival in the city.


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