Filming through the doorway

CEO, Urban Outreach Bolton

Lights, camera, action….these are the timeless words indelibly inscribed on our minds when we think of making a film.

In this we were no different, having successfully completed the Community Doorway application process and been chosen by the BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility team to receive their support in making a promotional film just for our charity.

Then came the cold sweats, will we look like a charity that feeds off the misfortune of others to elevate ourselves?

Will our 'Clients' be able to pull it off and should we even ask them? These and many other questions filled our minds.

Following an initial phone call and email exchange of information came our first face to face meeting with our 'Steven Spielberg' Paul Corcoran, BBC Outreach Project Manager.

So much was at stake for this meeting, what would be required? Would we have sufficient stories for them to work with? Would they be able to do justice to our heartbeat and ethos? Paul wanted to meet the "stars" and for us and the stars to meet the BBC team that had volunteered to be a part of this adventure.

Phew!! What an ace team Paul, Nicky, Lizzie, Mark and Kat. They put our contributors at ease straight away, this first hour we all spent together was incredible, stories shared and a plan of filming drawn up.

And so one of our greatest adventures began, capturing the heart of an organisation that has been around nearly 25 years.

The team were with us for 3 days following a very tight schedule that gave them and us just 9 days from day one of filming to a completed film ready for our first conference.

And they did it, All. Only one member of staff and seen the completed film before the conference, I along with 250 delegates were seeing it for the first time, it started and ran for 12 minutes, far too long I hear you say for a promotional video, people will switch off after 3 minutes! But you haven't taken in to consideration the quality of the filming and editing team from the BBC.

12 minutes later as the final credit came up there was a hush over the Reebok Stadium as if people didn't want to spoil the moment, many were wiping their eyes as they contemplated what had they had just seen and the people they had just met on the big screen.

Our team from BBC and the 'Stars' had made history capturing the essence of 25 years of heartache and highs and set us on the path for a further 25.

What do you need to know about our BBC team? Well they were quite simply the most generous, gentle and compassionate group of individuals you could ever meet, the editing team that had to work with hours and hours of material caught the vision an delivered right on the button.

"The future is a dream in need of an architect who will show others how to make it a reality"

We will be forever grateful to the BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility team for being the architects that showed us and our clients how a dream of a better future had become a reality. Thank you.

*The Community Doorway programme from BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility gives BBC staff the opportunity to work with various charities and community groups. Applications are particularly welcome from from organisations based in the neighbourhoods where a large number of our staff work - namely the London boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster, Salford and Greater Manchester - and those that work with 16-24 year olds and/or groups that are considered to be disadvantaged or socially excluded. Urban Outreach (Bolton) is a charity that helps the most disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals in Bolton.


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