When I first saw the advert for the Face-2-Face training scheme from BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility in Bristol, I knew straight away that this is something that I wanted to do. This was a unique opportunity for me as it would give the knowledge and networks that I lacked, and it was at a time where I was still able to work. Now that I have finished the programme I must admit I completely underestimated the breadth of what we would learn.

It’s really inspiring looking at the work going on, learning about the various aspects of it and seeing the many places you would fit in. I have come out of the programme knowing a number of things about the technology used the production process, how the ideas are brought to life and even writing a CV – the importance of which many of us underestimate. These topics were all taught by people who worked in the industry and so they spoke from experience. But it wasn’t all talk, we often had the opportunity to create and build based on what we had learnt. We worked through scenarios - putting our learning into practice and even went onto the streets of Bristol to film with a range of different equipment, We even learnt how to do animation in the taster day!

During the programme I was also given a mentor who was able to help me develop my personal journey. They were able to give real insight into the industry and connect you with the right people. It was a great opportunity to Network. At the end of all this my experience will be put to good use as I have been selected for one of the placements given at the end of the programme and I am looking forward to starting.

*Face2Face is a training scheme from BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility. It's run every year for young people involved in community media in Bristol. It takes place over 3 months and at the end of the scheme participants are offered the chance to apply for a paid placement at the BBC.


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