SGOSS – Governors for Schools has had a long and fruitful relationship with the BBC, dating back to December 2000 when we recruited our first BBC school governor volunteer. Since then SGOSS has successfully placed over 200 BBC volunteers in schools across 89 different Local Authorities throughout England.


In 2013, BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility recruited 32 volunteer school governors, making it SGOSS’s ninth most successful supporting company in 2013. This year promises to be even more successful with over 70 BBC employees already signed up


One of the key ingredients to this dramatic increase in volunteer numbers has been the popularity of our informal on-site school governor workshops. With the support of BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility, Local SGOSS Area Managers have been invited into various regional BBC offices to give a brief talk about school governance.


It’s proved to be really popular for teams of staff to come along and chat about the role over a coffee. We outline the main duties, talk through the application process, the school matching process and answer any queries. We aim to recruit enthusiastic and committed volunteers to become school governors and BBC staff offer a range of experiences and skills they can bring to the role. School governors play a vital role in the overall strategic management of a school, driving improvement and ensuring its senior leadership are held accountable for delivering the best possible education to its children.


SGOSS is delighted with the relationship we have with BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility. It offers professional support to schools and connects staff closer to licence payers.


*Luke is the Senior Manager at SGOSS - Governors for Schools, an independent charity that works with employers across England to recruit volunteers to serve on governing bodies.  The charity has an ongoing psartnership with the BBC.


BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility is the department that connects the BBC to those audiences we find harder to reach. One of the ways we do this is by offering volunteering opportunities to staff around the country which allow them to use their skills while supporting various causes and meeting our audiences. School governance is a great example of this as it allows our staff to develop leadership, communication and negotiating skills, outside of the workplace. It also helps the BBC to be part of a local community and in return, staff bring back new ideas, contacts and stories which we aim to reflect in programme making.



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