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    I’m based at General News Service programmes at London’s New Broadcasting House. We act as a bit of bridge between network BBC and local BBC TV and radio. Over the years I have worked on several outreach projects. In the early days it was partly to help develop my film-making skills while working on a project called Video Nation.

    Now Video Nation has disbanded, it’s a great way of working on similar types of film which have the same ethos and intention behind them as the old Video Nation days. And of course it’s always been a good way of working with different communities and people outside the normal routine.

    So, I often look out for current outreach schemes and applied for the “Inspire Simple Acts” project which was to film a refugee’s story from a positive perspective, with the aim of inspiring people recently arrived in the UK.

    Caroline from BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility put me in touch with Sajda, who helped set up the Iraqi Women’s League when she arrived in London, and paired me up with James from the BBC in Southampton, an experienced cameraman who could help out. We were one of four teams working on this project.

    After a few phone calls with Sajda to find…

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  • Technology Demonstrator

    I'm Garry Green. I work in the BBC Blue Room at Salford Quays – and being part of the Lowry Festival at the start of November was a great joy.

    The Blue Room monitors new and emerging technology: devices, gadgets, and set-top boxes etc – the sorts of things that we might have at home…although, there are so many different devices to buy. Unless you've got a particular piece of equipment yourself, it can be hard to know how it works, and what it does – and that's one of the reasons the Blue Room is here.

    Demonstrating the wonders of the Blue Room to visitors.

    On Saturday 1st November, towards the end of a unique tour of the BBC’s Quay House, visitors came to speak to us about some of these devices, and to see some of the many BBC apps and experiences that are available now, free. Some of the things we spoke about included:

    • The Connected Red Button (currently available on many SMART TVs, and the Virgin Media Tivo box), which allows you to enjoy the BBC iPlayer, BBC News, BBC Sport, Weather, and more, on your…

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  • Participant in Programme Maker for a Day

    I am a 21 year old aspiring music producer and blogger/writer studying Music Culture: Theory & Production at the University of East London. I first heard about BBC Outreach's Programme when I applied to work on a radio project with the Roundhouse. The Roundhouse got back in touch with me and invited me along to the “Programme Maker for A Day” experience the BBC was offering – and of course - I jumped at the chance!

    I was one of a small group of young people who had arrived at the BBC studios for the programme. We were greeted by staff at the BBC and introduced to Radio 1 & 1Xtra producers Ahmed and Rob, who talked us through our itinerary for the day.

    Young people at a Programme Maker for a Day workshop.

    In the morning, we met 1Xtra's Twin B and Yasmin who'd just finished presenting their breakfast show and had kindly agreed to share their stories with us about how they started out in radio. Their producers also joined in the brief Q&A and gave us an insight in to their daily routine (involving early starts and at…

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  • Technology Demonstrator

    I’m Ahmed and I work in the BBC Blue Room, which is a production and consumer technology lab.

    A few weeks ago, I was tasked with informing the general public of the latest BBC innovations and giving them a glimpse of the potential future of broadcasting, as part of an open day organised by BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility. We spoke around a huge variety of topics from connected TVs to virtual reality

    A member of the public using new gaming equipment.

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  • BBC Tour Guide

    I work for BBC tours. For past few years, I have run a tour as part of a BBC open day. This year, I created a quiz for visitors - this is always great as people know so much about the BBC. I led the tour around Quay House in Salford, visiting studios and then ran an interactive session at the end.

    Tour guide and group

    This year was a huge success. It’s great to have the opportunity to show visitors around…

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  • Head of History, Dyke House Sports and Technology College

    My name is Jonathan McDaid and I teach History at Dyke House Sports and Technology College in Hartlepool.

    At the moment, I am working in collaboration with BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility and writer Kate Fox on a unique project. The project is focused on the Bombardment of Hartlepool, an event that brought the damage and destruction of the First World War to the streets of Hartlepool. The Bombardment of Hartlepool came unexpectedly on the morning of 16 December 1914 and led to over 100 civilian casualties as the town was shelled for around three quarters of an hour.

    Two students dressed as soldiers.

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  • Media Lecturer

    I endured the tube journey from East to West London with 15 lively students on the promise of taking part in interactive workshops and talks at the BBC White City. From the off we were made to feel welcome and looked after by the friendly gathering of BBC staff.

    After we were organised into groups, which was nicely done as my students had to mix with their counterparts from another college we made our way to our first session. We were entertained by two guys who are responsible for coming up with entertainment shows, their most recent success being Tumble; that demanded celebrities…

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  • The BBC Kick Off Reporter scheme is an eight-week work placement with BBC Sport teams across the UK, both in radio and online.

    I have helped re-build BBC Kick Off from its original form as the BBC Blast Reporter scheme and I have worked to make sure that the schemes run and are successful.

    For me, the most important part of the scheme is to find someone who has a passion for sport that can inspire or provide something different for our audiences.

    A lot of the work for BBC Kick Off takes place alongside my day job and so I have is to use my time effectively. One task I do is to build on a…

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  • Student participant at media careers day

    Last week, a few selected people were chosen from media and graphic design to visit the BBC offices in White City.

    At the beginning of the day we were given our visitors passes along with a few other schools.We were then led up to a presentation room where a BBC representative did a short introductory speech about what kind of fun exciting activities we'd be getting up to throughout the day.

    We were put in different groups,mixing all the colleges and schools together.This benefited us because we met new people and continued to network with others our age.

    I was in group 2,along with a…

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  • The Booth Centre

    Back in January the Booth Centre homeless charity applied to the BBC’s Community Doorway programme for a team of volunteers to come and run a session with people who attend the centre to produce a short film demonstrating the work we do and showcasing our new centre, which was due to open in March. We were successful with our application and in April 2014 a team of volunteers came for the day and filmed an excellent little film which is now shown on the front page of our website.

    Two of the stars of the video Margaret and Steve were invited to go to the BBC offices to record the…

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