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  1. Ideas to talk about

    Friday 18 July 2014, 14:25

    Laura, Andrew & Faye Laura, Andrew & Faye Young people who took part in VolFest.

    We are all sixth form students currently studying for A-levels, Andrew studies at Altrincham College of Arts, and Faye and Laura study at Loreto Grammar School for Girls. We first became involved with the BBC during our NCS (National Citizen Service) programme last summer in which we delivered a brief of our project in a Dragons’ Den format. Following a banking enterprise programme in partnership with the Salford Foundation, Marvin from BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility approached us with the opportunity to be part of Volfest.

    Volfest initially involved an induction day for us and other young people, in which we met with facilitators from the BBC to discuss our “hots and nots” regarding social media. A week’s task then followed which involved us filling in a diary to monitor our media habits. This diary came into use during the Volfest day with staff from lots of departments of the BBC from all over the country. Using our diaries we discussed our findings e.g. media we frequently used such as twitter. The information allowed us to think of ideas for the new BBC Homepage.

    Overall the experience of working with the BBC has been fantastic; it has allowed us to express our...

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  2. Rewarding opprtunity

    Friday 11 July 2014, 10:04

     Miraca Miraca Production Management Assistant (prev Face2Face trainee and Apprentice)

    After a year of experience and education, my apprenticeship came to a conclusion in May 2014.

    The Graduation was a night of celebration, as all the apprentices had worked very hard over the past year to complete all their exams, units and college courses.

    Food was served, which is always a good start, then came the presentations.

    Each apprentice had the opportunity to say a few words or show a video clip about their year as an apprentice- I chose to put together a video clip of all the things I got up to in my year. Then we were all presented with a certificate from David Sproxton, co-founder of Aardman Animations.

    As well as the apprentices speaking on their experiences and ambitions for future employment, we also had a chance to hear what it was like for their employers. Many were new to the Apprenticeship scheme, just as many of the apprentices were, so it was a process of growth not only for the students/apprentices but for everyone. If I recall correctly, all the employers would want to keep on having apprentices as a continual part of their workforce! A lot of the apprentices were kept on or have found work elsewhere in the creative industry - for myself, I was kept on and am...

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  3. Driving new ideas

    Tuesday 1 July 2014, 16:10

    Sarah Drummond Sarah Drummond Senior Volunteering & Community Affairs Manager

    *In the run up to VolFest, a one day event from BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility hoping to connect BBC staff directly with diverse audiences, Sarah talks about what outreach means to her and how it can help enrich the BBC’s on-air programming for all audiences.

    This week we’re sharing examples among colleagues about the outreach work that is quietly happening around the country, and about new opportunities for staff to be involved. VolFest, a one day event to encourage programme makers to meet new and diverse audiences through face-to-face activities, will bring staff together with 16-24 year olds to come up with ideas for online content.

    We’ll also showcase previous success in the hope of inspiring some innovative new collaborations, which will ultimately lead to creative and exciting content.

    Outreach work to me is a lot about reaching out to audiences who are not inclined to reach in to the BBC.

    Forging connections with people helps us enrich our output, to make it compelling and relevant to the UK’s population in its full diversity.

    Outreach is a game of two halves and should end in a draw. The draw being a strong pull on both sides to something positive with what they...

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  4. Amazing art, amazing artists

    Friday 27 June 2014, 14:14

    Amanda Sutton Amanda Sutton Manager, Venture Arts

    In May 2014 everyone at Venture Arts was delighted to hear that we had been successful in our application to the BBC's Community Doorway programme to make a short film about our organisation.

    Venture Arts runs a wide variety of professional arts workshops for and with people with learning disabilities from across Manchester. We wanted a film that would showcase the talents of learning disabled artists in our area, reach more people and promote the work of our charity at a very important time in its development.

    We have had an absolutely marvellous experience from beginning to end and I cannot thank...

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  5. Mirrors or Movers?

    Wednesday 25 June 2014, 15:02

    Christian Toennesen Christian Toennesen Manager, Media CSR Forum Secretariat

    *BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility recently hosted the Mirrors or Movers conference, which was organised by the Media CSR Forum. Christian, manager of the Media CSR Forum Secretariat, recounts the day.

    What are the biggest social and environmental impacts of media on society? This is a puzzling question.

    As is the case with most other industries, media companies have become better at reducing their direct impacts such as carbon emissions and waste production. On the other hand, the media sector is different from other industries in that it plays a key role in ‘setting the tone’ in society...

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  6. Filming through the doorway

    Monday 16 June 2014, 16:04

    Dave Bagley Dave Bagley CEO, Urban Outreach Bolton

    Lights, camera, action….these are the timeless words indelibly inscribed on our minds when we think of making a film.

    In this we were no different, having successfully completed the Community Doorway application process and been chosen by the BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility team to receive their support in making a promotional film just for our charity.

    Then came the cold sweats, will we look like a charity that feeds off the misfortune of others to elevate ourselves?

    Will our 'Clients' be able to pull it off and should we even ask them? These and many other questions filled our minds....

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  7. Reading with buddies

    Friday 6 June 2014, 15:09

    Jackie Baker Jackie Baker Business Coordinator, BBC Bristol

    I am the Business Coordinator here at BBC Bristol and the volunteer coordinator for our reading buddies, as well as being a reading buddy myself.

    I have been volunteering as a reading buddy now for 4 years, attending St Michael's on the Mount Primary School one lunchtime a week. It is nice to get a break from work, step into a different environment and really feel like you're making a difference. As someone who enjoys reading myself, you get a sense of achievement in helping a child so that it becomes an enjoyable activity for them too. It is also a good opportunity to read your own childhood favourites...

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  8. Recruiting future talent

    Monday 2 June 2014, 13:48

    Thomas Martin Thomas Martin BBC Worldwide Youtube Channels

    *BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility connects the BBC with communities in areas where we have large numbers of staff. One intitiative in London is the Summer Work Experience Scheme, which is open to students in Year 12 who live or study in the boroughs where we have large sites - Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster. The placements will take place during the summer holidays, with various departments across the London sites hosting students. Over the last few weeks we've been meeting the applicants and matching them to placements.

    The YouTubeteam here at BBC Worldwide are offering an internship...

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  9. School rules

    Wednesday 28 May 2014, 12:20

    Sarah Burbedge Sarah Burbedge BBC Project Manager and volunteer School Governor

    I became a school governor two years ago now because I was looking for something which would give back to the community and would help me develop a few skills too.

    Living in a great part of London, I was increasingly aware of the fantastically diverse community and extreme juxtapositions around me, but didn’t feel very connected to it all.

    I’d also been recently working on BBC News School Report but am not a parent so felt I had something to learn as well as something to give to the experience.

    At the same time I heard about SGOSS - Goverors for Schools, and how there was a push to get more...

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  10. Going back to school

    Tuesday 20 May 2014, 16:03

    Luke Dickinson Luke Dickinson Senior Manager at SGOSS - Governors for Schools

    SGOSS – Governors for Schools has had a long and fruitful relationship with the BBC, dating back to December 2000 when we recruited our first BBC school governor volunteer. Since then SGOSS has successfully placed over 200 BBC volunteers in schools across 89 different Local Authorities throughout England.


    In 2013, BBC Outreach & Corporate Responsibility recruited 32 volunteer school governors, making it SGOSS’s ninth most successful supporting company in 2013. This year promises to be even more successful with over 70 BBC employees already signed up


    One of the key ingredients to this dramatic...

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