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News round-up: After the Paralympics had gone ...

Emma Tracey Emma Tracey | 10:39 UK time, Friday, 14 September 2012

Newspaper front pages

Last week the papers were filled with stories of Paralympic glory. GB's medal haul and a stream of "inspirational" reports on the lives of Paralympians from around the world made for an almost universally positive crop of news reports on disability.

This week, the Games are over and reality is back with a bump, as the newspapers return to their usual reporting of disability matters.

In the news this week

Hate crime against disabled people rises (BBC News, Thursday 13 September)

Down's syndrome patient challenges resuscitation order (BBC News, Thursday 13 September)

BBC 'regret' over Archers abortion poll (BBC News, Wednesday 12 September)

Deaf gerbils 'hear again' after stem cell cure (BBC News, Wednesday 12 September)

Human echolocation: Using tongue-clicks to navigate the world (BBC News, Thursday 12 September)

Paralympics 2012: How do people view the wheelchair? (BBC News, Tuesday 11 September)

Pastor shocked at attack on teenager with autism, Scott Vineer, in Lisburn (BBC News, Tuesday 11 September)

In which countries did Paralympians outperform Olympians? (BBC News, Tuesday 11 September)

London Underground disability ramps to stay after Games (BBC News, Monday 10 September)

Bionic revolution: The tech getting disabled people into work (BBC News, Monday 10 September)

Our good and bad experiences of the Paralympic Games (BBC News, Monday 10 September)

London 2012: 'A seminal moment for Paralympic sport' (BBC Sport, Monday 10 September)

Gyms are 'no-go zones' for disabled people, say campaigners (The Guardian, Monday 10 September)

Paralympics legacy: Seize the momentum (BBC News, Sunday 9 September)

Disability and business. The new green (The Economist, Sunday 8 September)

Paralympics: The perils of being a blind athlete (Saturday 7 September)


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    I made your opening ceremony post a Featured Link at my blog; tried to say so then but comments closed. Wordpress editors chose "Isaac Newton & the Paralympic Apples" for the blogging showcase Freshly Pressed. So you've been one of my featured links for a while,along with the NT page for Newton's home. Thanks for great blogging!

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    By the way, if BBC is going to limit the character count of comments, they ought to put up a notice to that effect, or at least tell me when I hit Preview; it's not 'til you try to post that it says "you're 100 characters over the limit" and then, at least on my system running Firefox, freezes the page. Not very friendly to anyone, especially those of us who have difficulty typing!


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