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Talk Show 82: Ruby Wax finds her people

Emma Emma | 12:21 UK time, Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ruby Wax with Rob, Liz and Emma

Comedian Ruby Wax pops by to talk about her new social networking site for people with mental health problems. Kevin Mulhern pulls apart the latest on welfare reform and Meet Jody Cundy, top GB Paralympic cyclist. Liz Carr and Rob Crossan present.

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• Liz and Rob discuss living life in your head when physical activity is not an option. Does it do your head in? They get sporty with Tony Garrett and speak to the fastest Paralympic cyclist in the world, Jody Cundy who talks about his decision to switch from swimming to cycling in 2005 and what he and sprinter Oscar Pistorius have in common.

• Comedian and TV personality Ruby Wax joins Liz and Rob in the studio. Ruby remembers the moment she came out as having a mental health problem. She talks about Losing it, the successful two-woman stage show which followed and introduces, her new social networking site for people who experience mental illness.

• Ruby stays with us to play the Vegetable Vegetable or Vegetable game, where we guess the disability of the person on the line. Lets just say Ruby takes to the game like a duck to water. But does she get it right? Listen and find out.

• Blind TV producer and disability commentator Kevin Mulhern reviews the month in disability news. Nothing if not opinionated, he expresses views on the welfare reform bill, budget airlines and press reaction to so-called miracle cures.

• Meet Kalyn Heffernan, MC and producer with the US hip-hop group Wheelchair Sports Camp. She explains where the band name came from and introduces her track, Smells Like Funk.

Pod Talk

You may imagine that our meetings are full of pastries and delicious coffees from the BBC budget, sadly this isn't the case. But this month, I did take some sweets along to our recording for the first time . They went down a treat with presenters, producers, guests and facilitators alike. It did however result in some lines having to be repeated due to excess crunching, sweet bag rattling and sugar induced hyperactivity.

We did record some enlightening and intriguing extra bits, so look out for a valentine's themed Podcast Extra later in the month.

In the meantime, cosy up warm and enjoy Ouch! Talk Show 82.


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