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Ouch! Talk Show 79: Warwick Davis likes caravans

Damon Rose Damon Rose | 15:13 UK time, Monday, 5 December 2011

Mat Fraser, Warwick Davis, Rob Crossan and Emma Tracey

We're joined by Warwick Davis currently of Life's Too Short fame. Find out about the latest paralympic controversy where a blind judo thrower is excluded due to having too much sight. Also, should art and craft remain firmly in the day centre? Mat Fraser presents.

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• It's not quite Christmas and this is not quite a festive edition. Mat Fraser and guest Emma Tracey learn how to make their own Christmas cards as directed by Liz Carr. Actress and campaigner Julie Fernandez now owns her own craft shop and centre, Bee Crafty, and is on the phone to give guidance.

• Warwick Davis, star of Return of the Jedi, Prince Caspian, Harry Potter, Willow and now BBC comedy Life's Too Short, joins us to answer some of the nittier grittier disability questions that arise from the show. He also helps us word a home made Christmas card for BBC boss Mark Thompson.

• Warwick also plays vegetable Vegetable or Vegetable, our parlour game where we guess what's wrong with a disabled caller on the line. Does he get it right? Listen and find out.

• Tony Garrett joins us to look at the specific issue of 'classification' in disability sport after a visually impaired female judo thrower, the only one in the squad, is excluded from London 2012 due to not being blind enough. We explore whether Paralympics are as 'elite' as we have been led to believe.

• We play out with the carol Gaudete recorded especially for us by the Open Arts Community Choir from Belfast who you may have seen on the televised heats of Last Choir Standing on BBC One in 2008; they're an inclusive and diverse bunch.

Pod Talk

it was all sorted. Liz and Mat were due to present the show together and then, suddenly, Liz goes and calls in all sick n'everything. But, trooper that she is, we managed to include her in one part of the show over the phone.

It's probably a good thing Liz didn't come in actually because we'd booked the only disabled parking space for Warwick.

It's a 'warm up to Christmas' show, for want of a better way of putting it; it's not quite Christmas so we're not quite in the mood yet. Our main Christmas fun comes soon with a special quiz presented by Rob Crossan with familiar contestants Mat Fraser and Liz Carr playing against each other. Watch out for that, we expect it to go live around December 15.


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