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Ouch! Talk Show 78: Did he just say 'crip'?

Damon Rose Damon Rose | 14:09 UK time, Monday, 7 November 2011

Mat Fraser, Bianca Nicholas and Liz Carr

When is it ok to say 'crip' or the M word that Ricky Gervais used recently, Paralympic sitting volleyballers have their prosthetics taken away, and Bianca Nicholas, singer with cystic fibrosis enchants us all. With Mat Fraser and Liz Carr.

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• Is using the word 'crip' OK? Is it friendly or divisive? and how about that disputed word 'mong'? Ricky Gervais used it a lot recently before apologising. Mencap ambassador Scott Watkin and Tim Rushby-Smith join us to talk it through.

• Tony Garrett, all round Paralympics dude, talks to amputee Martine Wright, survivor of the 7/7 London bombings; she's now a 2012 games hopeful, part of the women's sitting volleyball team. Plus blind judo this November.

• We play out with the new single from Bianca Nicholas who talks about how singing helps her cystic fibrosis.

Pod Talk

- Amazing. Everybody turned up early for the production meeting. Not bad considering. I felt it was important to note this on the blog. And so have done. Well done everyone; PA and access excuses can only go so far.

- Our tentative plans for a New York special this December have been dropped as Mat isn't now going over there. Cheapskates as we are, we weren't going to pay for his flight; it just so happened that Mat and Liz were both likely to be there at the same time and we were going to point them towards an empty studio. We take advantage where we can. So, that leaves a bit of a hole in our thinking: what do we do for a Christmas special now? Any ideas on a postcard, please. Or email if you like. Think inexpensive. You've seen the headlines.

- Hope you liked the podcast extra we threw in mid month; an extended version of October's interview with Mat Fraser in Japan. We're planning some more extras soon. So if you're a subscriber to the podcast feed (which you should be) then you'll get the occasional shorter podcast as well as our regular talk show in future.


  • Comment number 1.

    I know what you shpuld do for a Christmas special! Have an audience special again , maybe in the radio theatre , have a fans quiz where me and another fan are pitting their wits against Mat and Liz , they get something from Mat and Liz's houses as a winners gift. LOL! Mat sings the christmas single again and Liz should make another Queen Liz's speech!

  • Comment number 2.

    Did you hear a Greek commentator on the today programme refer to his country as the "Retarded child of Europe"? The BBC interviewer picked it up but only to ask whether Greeks really believed other europeans thought of Greece in that way. Aside from the language (and avoiding using offensive words is more difficult in a foreign language) what is that metphor supposed to mean? Perhaps, though I doubt it, the most loved member of the family, the one who speaks the truth because they do not know how to deceive, the most vulnerable, the most innocent? Nah, he meant 4 years old and stupid with it, didn't he? Yes, I know, it was only a metaphor but still....


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