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Disability news round up: Gervais gets in trouble and a warning from charity Scope

Dan Slipper Dan Slipper | 10:40 UK time, Friday, 21 October 2011

Earlier this week actor Ricky Gervais was criticised for his use of the word 'mong' in some of his tweets.

In a blog post, Ouch Talk Show guest Nicky Clark asked him to stop using the word.

While Deborah Orr, writing for, accused him of being "no more than a verbal thug."

Wheelchair user Marie Dedieu, a French woman kidnapped from Kenya by Somali gunmen, died in captivity. She had been abducted by an armed gang from her beachfront home earlier this month and the medication she needed to take for cancer and heart problems had been withheld.

And the charity Scope warned that disabled people risk losing essential payments under planned benefits changes.

Elsewhere in the news:

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Stem call patent ban (BBC News)

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Blog: Harassing people on benefits degrades us all (The Guardian)

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Blog: The importance of inclusion: why I learned British Sign language (The Guardian)

Blind daredevil wins world air title...and now wants to be crowned land and water speed king (Mail Online)

Fury over NHS charges for disabled to use hospital car parks (Mail Online)

Lack of disabled access to Parliament highlights wider problem of access (Left Foot Forward)


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