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Maria Miller and Liz Sayce discuss Access to Work

Damon Rose Damon Rose | 13:07 UK time, Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The government has responded to Liz Sayce's report on specialist disability employment programmes by launching a consultation this week.

Liz Sayce, chief exec at Radar, recommended that Access to Work become more widely available and that more money go into it. Money could be found, she suggests, through decreasing funding to 'less effective programmes' like Remploy and residential training colleges.

Liz Sayce and the Minister for Disabled People, Maria Miller, joined Peter White on yesterday's You and Yours programme on Radio 4. Here is a transcript of their discussion.


  • Comment number 1.

    Here is a woman who has somthing to gain by getting the govenment to reduce the amount of money they give to remploy her so call independant review is like a vegaterian doing a review on the meat industry one sided she has always had a masive problem with remploy and put's the knife in at every given opitunity

  • Comment number 2.

    Liz Sayce states that people with disabilities would prefer to work in mainstream industry. Well I as a Remploy worker would choose to stay at my Remploy workplace.
    Why you may ask? Because my job gives me satisfaction and is meaningful to me, like everyone else at the Remploy place I work at. The cost that is stated by Liz Sayce to employ people in Remploy is distorted. The Government provides the subsidy to employ people with disabilities and health problems. Yet the board of directors use the funding to line their own pockets and actually mis-use the subsidy that is provided. Liz Sayce spent very little time in speaking to Remploy employees whilst gathering the information for the report. It is our lives that are going to be changed for the worse. So, please I wish someone would actually listen to the people who really matter in this case the workers of Remploy.

  • Comment number 3.

    Firstly I thought Chris White did a first class job trying to penetrate the mumbo- jumbo and politico-waffle spoken by both his interviewees. However the 'consultation' is in my view smoke and mirrors and stall time to allow the focus to move elsewhere. I am not disabled but I can clearly see why Martyn Phillips in his comment at 0901 28th July 2011 would wish to work in an environment like Remploy. If the rest of society can't then 'society' is out of touch with reality.
    I wish Remploy and it's workers all the best but I am sad to say that the Liz Sayces' of this uncaring world invariably get their way. Remember Care in the Community, we all know where that led to.


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