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Video: Disabled barrister John Horan calls discrimination "disgusting"

Damon Rose Damon Rose | 16:07 UK time, Monday, 26 July 2010

Barrister John Horan, who specialises in disability discrimination, is the latest in our interview chain in the series we cleverly call Dis Connected.

"I wanted John because he's the man who enforces the law." said director Kate Ansell. "We talk about discrimination and how terrible it is ... and, when you have a problem, he's the guy who sorts it out for you.

"He's used to how discrimination laws do or don't work in real life and is able to tell us how good they are."

John is interviewed by last week's interviewee, Blaine Harrison from indie band Mystery Jets. Blaine gets straight to the nub of the matter and asks if there's too much apathy in the disability community when it comes to fighting for rights.

Watch: Blaine Harrison meets John Horan (press play and hit S to get subtitles)


  • Comment number 1.

    I believe apathy exists because the younger generation of Crips mistakenly believe that the battles against discrimination have already been won. Maybe the Disablist measures announced in the Emergency Budget will provide a rude awakening for them? We can only hope so.

  • Comment number 2.

    "I believe apathy exists because the younger generation of Crips mistakenly believe that the battles against discrimination have already been won."

    i disaggre with that i am what you would class as younger generation (16)

    and know that battles against discrimination have not already been won.

  • Comment number 3.

    on a personal note i have been battleing discrimination for nearly 2 yrs from a landlord, due to his non complience with his responsabilities i have injured myself numerous times .

    However i think this apathy stems to a degree that we are not listened to still, i have found it a nightmare in finding a soliciter that is willing to take on a discrination case in the southampton area so its possible that some not all disabled people feel well why bother when there is zero out there to back all these laws up and if they are let me no as i cannot find them.....

  • Comment number 4.

    I feel that the government wants disabled people out of sight and not in public. Those of us who need our mobility and have had the plug pulled will be stuck indoors. I`m sorry, I know some disabled people have an awful lot of money and no hardship but mine is a lifeline are we going back to the 1960`s????? disabled people had so little then and relied heavily on other people.

  • Comment number 5.

    I'm unable to get a job from JobCentrePLUS due to them "thinking" that just because I'm disabled means I won't beable to do work properly. I was appauled and ANGRY by the way they "approached" the topic and I mentioned it to my mum (my dad was at the centre at the time of this situation). My mum was disappointed by the way they treated the situation and I was gutted. I am excellent at writing even though I am disabled myself. I have my own websites and videos online all for free and all for general audience. I don't make profit from what I do, but I want to as I have done alot for small companies, large companies and general people who need help with their websites too. I am proud and I am gonna use my way of taking "action" against JobCentrePLUS for "thinking" that I can't do things, because I CAN and so can every other disabled person too. Don't let nothing get in your way!

  • Comment number 6.

    Barrister John Horan, is very much right, disabled people are being discriminated against, in fact it is happening on a daily basis to thousands of disabled people, also both public and private organisations are getting away with it, for one reason and one reason only, disabled people do not know their rights.

    I for one fighting for disabled rights, also a victim of disabled discrimination on a daily basis, even though as a adviser to the DWP own Office of Disability Issues, also in direct communication with Minister's.

    If the BBC can past on my email details to John Horan, also those of Ex-Cllr Wendy Harbon who was disabled in the line of duty as a local councillor, we could give John Horan more disabled discrimination work, than he may wish for ?.

  • Comment number 7.

    The battle fighting against discrimination hasn't been won. I am blind and use the aid of a guide dog. On an almost daily basis, my guide dog is refused taxi travel by drivers stating that contact with dogs is against their religion. This is disgraceful and against the law however it is a common problem for many guide dog users and shouldn't be allowed to continue. Many have also stated that they are refused access by bus drivers and shop owners as well which is wrong.


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