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Actors wanted for 'Doctors' on BBC One

Damon Rose Damon Rose | 15:41 UK time, Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Could this be you or someone you know? Please distribute amongst your friends and networks.

BBC One Drama DOCTORS is casting the following roles:

Location: Birmingham

Casting Details: Elstree studios, Borehamwood Herts, w/c 15th March 2010. (invited auditions only)

What to do next? Please send an email to with a bit about yourself: age, tv / theatre experience, contact details and a recent photograph. On camera experience preferred as both are complex acting roles.

The following two characters will feature in a forthcoming storyline set in a hospital ward which has been given over to army casualties from the war in Afghanistan.

Role: ANDY MILLET (Male) Description: 2 episodes

Overall dates: 25 Mar - 2 April, and 15 - 23 April 2010.

Andy is a DOUBLE AMPUTEE (LEGS) - although he could be a SINGLE LEG AMPUTEE.

Age: he can be anything from 18 - 30-ish but he has to be a believable Squaddie-type. (If older, we could make the character an Officer.)

Andy is very depressed and experiencing (self) destructive behaviour as a reaction to losing his legs in combat in Afghanistan.

His anger at what has happened to him, his fear about his future is palpable. He will appear in 2 eps a few weeks apart and WILL NEED TO WALK CONFIDENTLY ON PROSTHETIC LEGS (or with one prosthetic leg) in his second episode.

Role: LANCE CORPORAL CHRIS DUNFORD (Male) Description: This character will appear in 6 episodes.

Overall dates: 25 March - 9 April 2010.

Age: early 20s.

Chris has suffered a spinal injury - he is now paralysed from the waist down.

We're looking for genuine wheelchair users for this role.

In combat, Chris was hit by shrapnel and bomb blast - he has burns on his legs and has had shrapnel removed from the spine.

His legs need constant wet bandage changing, but more important is whether his spine will heal and he'll get feeling back into his legs.

Chris grew up in foster care on a rough estate and had to learn to handle himself from an early age. Something of a loner, he craved a proper family, but never found it until he joined the army at the earliest opportunity. Given to a hard shell, he's shocked at his sudden outbursts of emotion after the incident - he scares himself.

Nurse Michelle (played by Donnaleigh Bailey) is the only person he has a connection with at Housman ward - she makes him smile. He's lucky to have her.



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