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Sponsor a disabled wolf

  • Posted by Vaughan
  • 3 Apr 08, 12:18 PM

Ouch's twenty-sixth Podcast is now live on the BBC's podcast directory for your downloading and listening pleasure.

One of the subjects briefly touched upon is this month's show is that old Ouch blog favourite - disabled animals. In particular, a disabled wolf called Alba, who broke her neck three years ago in an accident. Here's a photo:

Mat's adopted disabled wolf, Alba

Turns out that Podcast host Mat Fraser has adopted Alba via a scheme operated by the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, and if wolves are your thing then you can do the same via the Trust's adoption page - though we can't promise that there are any more disabled wolves to sponsor at the moment. The Trust have also recently extended their popular wolf walks (where you, um, go for a walk with wolves) to be accessible. Should be a right howl, shouldn't it? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

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  • 1.
  • At 04:57 PM on 03 Apr 2008, DubTBITW wrote:

What a lovely idea!.

Wolves get a bad press, but they're loyal to their pack, very family orientated, and very adaptable to whichever habitat they find themselves in.

Vaughan, your 'Should be a right howl' comment made me groan..... Just my kind of humour..... Actually I used to be a wolf.... But I'm alright NOOOOOOOwwwwww!!!!!..

Sorry Vaughen, like yourself, I just could'nt resist it!!!.


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  • At 08:27 PM on 07 Apr 2008, Val wrote:

Cool on the wolf, cool ep overall. Kiruna Stamell was also favorite....didn't seem hyper to me ( : Interesting discussions also.
I miss Liz, but would like to see Kiruna on again.

Sounds like a good deal for the wolf but when are they gonna start sponsoring/adopting disabled people?

hi there,
Am a disabled writer and have stumbled across your site and wanted to add your link to blog. there are some tagging rules which you can see on my page but i wasn't sure if, being the BBC, you could play (or would want to) and wanted to check.
The tagging is supossed to lead to wider exposure and more hits....(hmmmm I am a tad sceptical)
What do you think?

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