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Fantastic blogs from the Spastic Centre

Emma Emma | 14:44 UK time, Thursday, 19 June 2008

Just days after Laurence Clark's Spastic Fantastic article, Jenny Capp emailed to tell us about 4 blogs which have been commissioned by the Spastic Centre in Australia. They cover everything from the web, life with CP, the view of a father who's son has CP and a magazine type one with info about all the CP related happenings around Australia. There are only 3 posts on each so far, but they are actually really good and interesting, and not a mention of the S word in sight.

I believe the Aussie term is Spazzo by the way. Found out while researching the Australia related Podcast back in March.
Update: Link should take you to the blogs now.


  • Comment number 1.

    Following the highlighted link takes you to the webmistress' page at Handyknapp.

    I think the one you want is

    which I found by following links from

  • Comment number 2.

    Sorry, but wish to go off on to a tangent, that is very relevant but unfortunately "to me" (and other sufferers) aaaaaaghhhhh, okay then got that off my chest, with my particular med. prob. I have relapses and I am just I hope beginning again to recover, that said am still in considerable pain, one of my friends' was here and as she was leaving, she said "well you don't look too bad" as nice as this is to know, how an earth can anyone know for sure how someone else is feeling, I readily admit I am not in sheer agony which I am sure is easily read, however after 23yrs of condition I do put a "face" on so I look more pleasing to my friends, rather than looking like a screwed up orange with clenched teeth!.


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