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29 Oct 07, 7:12 PM - Cartoonist draws a blank: your help needed

Posted by Lady Bracknell's Editor

The cartoons of Crippen (aka Dave Lupton) were first brought to my attention - and that of the hardy souls who wade faithfully through my blog - back in February. Since which time, I seem to have managed to get myself onto Dave's mailing list. Although I can’t quite remember how. And, let me tell you, Dave's mailing list can be a distinctly perilous place to find oneself...

Ahem. Anyway. Over on what – rather disappointingly – isn’t called, Dave is showcasing some cartoons he’s drawn about the plug having been pulled on the dear ol’ Disability Rights Commission.

Cartoon by Crippen shows two fierce looking dogs wearing round name badges on their collar saying 'Employer' and 'Service Providers'. They are sitting over a newspaper showing the headline 'DRC closed down'. Confronting them is a small puppy dog wearing a name badge of 'Disabled People'. The two fierce dogs are saying 'Phew - for the moment there I thought that it really WAS going to be a fair fight!' (Cartoon used by permission of Dave Lupton)

In his latest email, Dave has asked the people on his mailing list

“for any comments or feedback about this particular issue, also any ideas that you might have regarding the closure and what it means for Disabled people.”

And why would you want to go to the bother of articulating your thoughts on this subject in the handy comments facility for this blog entry? Hmm? I’ll tell you why.

If Dave gets sufficient feedback, he’ll set up a specific focus page for this subject on his website and that page will then be available as a resource for the people and organisations affected by the closure of the DRC. And that means that he’ll allow the likes of you and me to use his cartoons in any of our own publications free, gratis and for nothing! (As long as we don’t change anything in them and we do include a link back to the mother ship. Sorry, did I say “ship”? Site. Dave’s website. Of course. Glad we’ve got that straightened out.) He’ll even email you a clean copy of your chosen ‘toon, should you need one.

And you can’t say fairer than that. Particularly given that non-disabled individuals and organisations have to pay a £25 license fee for the privilege of using Dave’s work. Money which, you’ll be pleased – and possibly just a trifle smug – to hear, is used by Dave to support the work he does free for thee and me. Good, no?

So, if you have any strongly-held opinions about the impact you think the closure of the DRC is likely to have on disabled people in the UK, put them into the comments section. Dave will be looking out for them. Who knows? He might even reply… If he doesn’t, you could always record your displeasure at having been cruelly spurned over at his new blog.

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At 06:33 PM on 30 Oct 2007, Fred wrote:

He's popping up everywhere these days isn't he. I thought that they'd taken away his pens when they locked him up in the home for the bewildered! Seriously though, nice one Mr Crippen Sir. More power to your eblow I say.

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