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Zephyr | 00:39 UK time, Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Several friends have told me that my disability blogging has been an inspiration to them. No, not the kind of patronizing ablist inspiration that we're all used to getting from the non-disabled members of society. Nope, my blogging has directly or indirectly inspired several of my disabled friends to start their own disability blogs. Cool, eh?

It all started with Ms. Pet. About a week after I started Arthritis Young Thing, she started a blog named White Trash Femme, which is now defunct. Currently, she runs Sexability, a site dedicated to exploring disability and sex. Warning: Site contains adult content, Not Safe For Work, and as Ms. Pet says, "May offend everybody at some point."

Then Ms. Pet and I were contacted by a local who found both our blogs and really enjoyed them, being a chronic pain sufferer as well. Now she's started her own blog, Chronic Holiday, a humorous collection of all the well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning things the able-bodied have said to her over the years. I'm sure we'll all relate, and roll our eyes, and feel like kicking someone in the shins as we read these snippets.

And finally, we have Girl Anachronism, whom I forced to sit down and read the latest Disability Blog Carnival on Arthritic Young Thing. Hey, I knew she'd enjoy it, she likes it when pretty girls force her to obey. She enjoyed the carnival so much she wanted to be a part of it, and the disability blogging world, so much she decided to start her own blog about dealing with depression and anxiety. Her blog is called It's just the way the medication makes her.

Now, those three need to inspire three other people to start a disability blog, and their heart's fondest wish will be granted.

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*May contain adult content*


Thanks so much for giving me the nod!I've actually been wanting to blog for well over a year now and it feels very good to get this up and running. I look forward to reading about other's experiences with the well-wishers of the world. Please do drop by my site and visit for a bit, it's quite amusing, if I do say so myself! That's why I love the Ouch! website - there is a lot of wry humour here. Gotta love the Brits for taking the piss out of the "normals" (as they say).

You were one of the many who inspired me to start blogging as well (although Ballastexistenz probably gets most of the credit)...

(sadly, my home internet access is kind of broken at the moment, and i don't know when it will be fixed, so i'm probably not going to be blogging for a while... but hopefully it won't be *too* long...)

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