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Blind Young Things

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Vaughan | 12:58 UK time, Friday, 27 April 2007

Coming up next Monday 30 April at 9.00pm on Channel 4 is a new Cutting Edge film called Blind Young Things. it's a "thought-provoking and heart-warming, observational documentary" following three blind or partially sighted teenage students who all attend the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford. It looks at their journey towards greater independence - as well as how they deal with the issues that affect all people their age, such as sex, love, partying and what they are going to do with their lives after they graduate. So tune in and let us know what you thought of it.


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  • At 03:55 PM on 27 Apr 2007, Digby wrote:

Whoopppeee. Is this where we get excited and say thank you to Channel 4? I'm already dreading it.

OK, Tuesday morning and people will be staring at me funny on the bus just cos I'm visually impaired like the ones on the telly last night.

Note to self, must not prejudge Channel 4 documentary on young people who are blind. Probably safer to avoid it like the plague!

I am really trying extremely hard to remain optimistic about this documentary but I can't shake off the likelihood that Digby's comments are probably going to turn out to be pretty close to the mark.

The idea that blind people may actually be having sex? My goodness Ray Charles would turn in his grave! Are we just being overly sensitive though? What sort of documentary would we really be happy with? Do blind people need/want a documentary at all? I guess the people who made this one did.

What actually was the original purpose of the programme? Is it to educate the public about disability? Is it meant to be car-crash TV to entertain the curious? Is it to promote a positive image of disability? In which case why not have some positive role models who are disabled as characters on Hollyoaks or presenting on T4?

However "heart-warming" (animal hospital) the documentary turns out to be, I am sure that plenty of blind people will be tuning in to find out which stereotype is being portrayed this time.

Oh please I hope I am completely wrong!!!

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  • At 12:11 AM on 17 May 2007, nick wrote:

Hello guys, i'm totally blind lets put it this way that stupid documentary does not represent the college or the blind people in general. There was one bad guy, one guy who was on a learning kirb, fair enough and a girl who was meant to represent the asian society being an asian i was insulted by her behaviour! the documentary did not show any education, it seemed blind people are desperate for sex and drink and they don't educate. My views should be valued because i know the team who made the documentary and i know these so called heros! Thanks.

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