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18 Apr 06, 2:41 PM - Blogging Against Disablism Day

Posted by Lady Bracknell

The Goldfish - whose blog was featured last week in The Guardian - has decreed that May 1st shall henceforward be devoted to blogging against disablism.

"Many of us blog regularly on subjects surrounding disablism and disability issues," says Goldfish. "But the idea is to see how powerful disabled people and the supporters of equality can be as a combined voice in the blogosphere. Are there as many people prepared to put their two pennies’ worth in on this subject as there are on sexier subjects such as Race and Gender?"

Well, are there? If you feel strongly about discrimination against disabled people and you've got a blog or some other corner of cyberspace you can call your own, don't miss this opportunity to be one voice among many, all simultaneously telling it like it is.

If you've been thinking about setting up a blog of your own, but haven't quite got round to it, now's a very good time to start. You don't have to be disabled to take part: anybody who objects to discrimination against disabled people is welcome to join in.

The Goldfish - better known to some messageboard users as DH Kelly - will be publishing a list of contributors on her blog. So, if you want your own post to be linked in, follow these instructions. It'll be more fun than sitting in a traffic jam on Bank Holiday Monday, and you'll be in good company.

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