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Banks criticised over loans

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Crippled Monkey | 00:00 UK time, Friday, 12 August 2005

Two stories from different parts of the country, but both caught my eye today as they involve banks coming under fire for being irresponsible in giving loans and/or credit cards to disabled people who, it's suggested, were unable to handle the sums involved because of their impairments, and consequently ran up debts. One of the people involved reportedly has bipolar disorder, the other learning difficulties.

Compare and contrast:
• Bank criticised over loan to man who gave money away
• NatWest helps illiterate man into debt

(Just to reassure you, that's not our wording on the last headline.)

Be interested to hear your thoughts on these stories in the comments, and whether you've heard of anything similar happening to other people.


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  • At 12:00 AM on 12 Aug 2005, Lisy Babe wrote:

I know of two people whom this has happened to. One, also manic depressive, another who was given a large bank loan whilst living in a homeless hostel!

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  • At 12:00 AM on 17 Aug 2005, John wrote:

I have the opposite problem - despite the fact of living on disability benefits guarenteed (under current rules anyhow) until I'm 65 I can't get a loan. My partner who is employed, earns less than I, and could be sacked tomorrow in theory, can get one with no problems whatsoever!!

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