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Ooh, it's a nice month for it, innit?

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Crippled Monkey | 00:00 UK time, Friday, 5 November 2004

According to an article from Yahoo Finance, which has the bizarre title of Happy New Year, You're Disabled, a survey by the Massachusetts Mutual Life Assurance Company has concluded that:

"Whether it's unexpected injuries from running daily errands or holiday shopping excursions, January is the most common time of year for men and women to become disabled ..."

So there's a particular month for becoming disabled now? Whatever next?

Crippled Monkey would have placed more validity on these findings if the article hadn't revealed that they were part of a not-so-subtle ploy by the Massachusetts Mutual Life Assurance Company (yes, them again!) to get people to take out a new type of insurance policy.

Coming soon: teatime on Wednesdays is a very common time to suddenly discover you're disabled, says Ouch's resident impaired monkey blogger. Oh, and can I interest you in buying some insurance while you're here?

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