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It's a wob-blog

Martin Rosenbaum | 14:44 UK time, Thursday, 18 October 2007

I have only just discovered that I'm a wobber and that what you are reading is a wob-blog. All is explained at this useful site which explains how to use freedom of information in different European countries.

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  • At 03:24 PM on 18 Oct 2007,
  • Sarah wrote:

This is a good site, though it could use much more information and more links provided by those who are interested. I will do my best to get Switzerland on there once I have a grasp of their law.

Actually, there's no immediate info on that page on "wobbers" or wob-blogs. You have to click on the pdf link (1.5 MB). In small print on page 5 you'll find that wobbing is Dutch journalists' slang for Freedom of Information.

There you go. Now nobody else needs waste their time to find out! :)

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  • At 10:03 AM on 26 Oct 2007,
  • martin wrote:

I agree. I wasted ages trying to find out what a wob was. This page is often very badly designed. For goodness sake, please stop using esoteric phrases...blogs, wobs, etc. keep things simple otherwise I simply wont come back to this page.

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  • At 11:08 AM on 26 Oct 2007,
  • Hatty Pols wrote:

I am a bit surprised that Martin (a previous poster) "wasted ages trying to find out what a wob was". Just one click on the "Useful site" link and there was the explanation right in front of me:

Wobbing = (verb, Dutch journalist slang) getting documents through Freedom of Information legislation.
Etymology: Wet van Openbaarheid van Bestuur, abbreviation WOB.

It isn't as if we had to put in an FOI request!

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