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Forever change

Martin Rosenbaum | 15:46 UK time, Wednesday, 20 September 2006

I hope you like the changes to the design of this blog. They include more prominent linking to recent investigations the BBC has done using freedom of information to obtain documents.

These reports also figure on our page collecting FOI-based stories, which shows how the BBC has been using FOI since it came into force.

You'll see there that recently there has been a good run of stories relating to various aspects of the NHS.

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  • 1.
  • At 06:47 PM on 20 Sep 2006,
  • Frank Grimes wrote:

Looks great!

I think the key thing the blog is missing is the actual 'raw' copies of the documents the BBC receives from each FOI request.

Sure, add your editorial comment but also let the public make their own judgement from the source matieral. Also people may wish to cite it in their own posts/write-ups/etc.

  • 3.
  • At 03:37 PM on 23 Sep 2006,
  • Martin Rosenbaum wrote:

Ben -
Fair point. I will try to post more of the raw material in future.

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