Conditions in Hong Kong have taken a turn for the worse with the arrival of tropical storm Kammuri.

Gale or storm signal 8 was issued at 5.40am this morning and again at 11am when the rain was torrential.

With gusts of wind up to 93mph, the British team riders were advised to stay in the Olympic village rather than give their intended press conference at Sha Tin Racecourse.

The doors of our media hotel were barred shut and all of the local shops are closed.

Traffic on the roads is limited and schools, government offices and the financial markets are all closed.

We managed to get to the venue with a camera and filed a news piece for BBC Breakfast as well as a live two-way.

I spoke to the GB team vet Jenny Hall who reported that all of the horses were very calm.

"It's a little bit noisy in the stables because there were some trees banging against the walls but it's comfortable in there and the horses are all peaceful.

"It has meant that they weren't able to train this morning and that presents a few new challenges along with the challenges we already had with the heat and the humidity."

Heavy rain in itself should not present too much of a problem as the dressage takes place on an all weather surface and the cross-country course drains very well.

The wind is a more dangerous issue as banners have been flying around like kites.

I've heard the storm is due to have disappeared by the end of today - so the eventing should still start on time on Saturday morning.

There are days built into the schedule to allow for typhoons and there are two more forecast before the end of August so the team will have to remain adaptable.

Clare Balding will be a BBC presenter at her third successive Olympic Games in Beijing. Our FAQs should answer any questions you have.


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