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A report from an influential group of MPs has given London 2012 another hammering about the £9.3billion cost of the Games.

The Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee accuse 2012 of being willing "to spend money like water".

The cost of the spectacular Aquatics Centre has risen dramatically. But are we losing a bit of perspective on this?

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Great Britain's top crews train daily at the Redgrave and Pinsent Rowing Lake - a suitable indication of the influence Sir Stephen and Sir Matthew have had on the sport.

Redgrave - who paid a visit this week with the BBC cameras - won five Olympic golds between 1984 and 2000, three with Pinsent, who gained his fourth in Athens four years ago.

Many of those who gathered at RPRL in Caversham, near Reading, this week for the announcement of the crews forming the basis of this year's assault on Beijing, took up the sport after being inspired by the duo.

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Memorabilia from the 1908 Games

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